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Junichi Suwabe isSaber of Black : Siegfried
Saber of Black : Siegfried
Shunsuke Takeuchi isArcher of Black : Chiron
Archer of Black : Chiron
Ryotaro Okiayu isLancer of Black : Vald III
Lancer of Black : Vald III
Rumi Ookubo isRider of Black : Astolfo
Rider of Black : Astolfo
Mitsuru Miyamoto isCaster of Black : Avicebron
Caster of Black : Avicebron
Ai Nonaka isBerserker of Black : Frankenstein
Berserker of Black : Frankenstein
Sakura Tange isAssassin of Black : Jack l'Éventreur
Assassin of Black : Jack l'Éventreur
Kouki Uchiyama isShirou Kotomine
Shirou Kotomine

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The Holy Grail is a powerful, ancient relic capable of granting any wish the beholder desires. In order to obtain this power, various magi known as “masters” summon legendary Heroic Spirits called “servants” to fight for them in a destructive battle royale—the Holy Grail War. Only the last master-servant pair standing may claim the Grail for themselves. Yet, the third war ended inconclusively, as the Grail mysteriously disappeared following the conflict.

Many years later, the magi clan Yggdmillennia announces its possession of the Holy Grail, and intends to leave the Mage’s Association. In response, the Association sends 50 elite magi to retrieve the Grail; however, all but one are killed by an unknown servant. The lone survivor is used as a messenger to convey Yggdmillennia’s declaration of war on the Association.

As there are only two parties involved in the conflict, the Holy Grail War takes on an unusual form. Yggdmillennia and the Mage’s Association will each deploy seven master-servant pairs, and the side that loses all its combatants first will forfeit the artifact. As the 14 masters summon their servants and assemble on the battlefield, the magical world shivers in anticipation with the rise of the Great Holy Grail War.

Original title フェイト/アポクリファ
Aired Date Jul 2, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017
Episodes 25
Average Duration 24 minutes

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